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RightWater Cans (24 x 12 fl oz.)
RightWater Cans (24 x 12 fl oz.)
RightWater Cans (24 x 12 fl oz.)
RightWater Cans (24 x 12 fl oz.)
RightWater Cans (24 x 12 fl oz.)


RightWater Cans (24 x 12 fl oz.)



Canned Still Water | Canned Spring Water 

  • Earth's favorite water
  • Infinitely recyclable
  • BPA free 
  • Made from 70% recycled aluminum
  • 100% locally sourced Californian spring water, made by nature right outside your backdoor
  • Nature provides minerals and alkalinity without a single additive

Our packaging is 100% free of single-use plastic. From our box to our tape and even down to our biodegradable pallet wrap used in our warehouse. Because we think a plastic-free alternative should be TRULY plastic-free.  

Although RightWater cans are single-use, they are only single-use to YOU! The aluminium used to make our RightWater can will go through the recycling process and be used to can another drink or create another product in less than 60 days! 

Canned Water

Every can funds clean water projects across the globe through our partner charity, drop4drop, meaning you get to drink refreshing, clean water and so does someone else. 

At RightWater, our goal is to #dotherightthing and we’re inviting you to join us and do the right thing too! Making the sustainable choice to swap out single-use plastic bottles for aluminum cans can have a lasting impact on us and our planet. YOU have the opportunity to  #dotherightthing and choose RightWater.


- Standard (Free for deliveries in California): 3-5 working days

If you have an urgent order requirement please contact us directly at and we will do everything we can to get it to you by the required date. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews Write a review
RightWater Cans (24 x 12 fl oz.)

RightWater Cans (24 x 12 fl oz.)


Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
I’m drinking way more water now that I buy life.

I don’t know what it is about cans but they’re so easy to drink.

Who needs a morning coffee when you can just chug a cold can of water.

It’s hydration season.

It seems like I’ve just made a big life change by committing to being plastic free but it’s liter...

Now that i can get water in a can that cuts out a large amount of my single use plastic bottles that I used to buy. I really don’t like tap water so I wouldn’t be able to replace bottled water until I found this.

This water is sick!

Living for it!

The idea of cans is a great way to combat plastic pollution.

Tbh I used to recycle multiple plastic bottles per week but now that I buy cans I really don’t buy any plastic at all.