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7 Ways to Have a Sustainable Thanksgiving Feast This Year

by Garrett Looney |

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, many of us have family and food on our minds. But, there’s also another thing we should all be thinking about; waste and the environment. The holiday season has a huge impact on the planet; it creates vast amounts of waste in the USA, with 6 million turkeys being thrown away each year. 

The carbon footprint is equal to 800,000 vehicles driving from LA to Florida, and only 6.3% of food waste is composted. However, if all of us make a few simple changes to our Thanksgiving Feast this year, we can make a real difference to the planet. So, keep reading to learn about 7 ways you can make your Thanksgiving more sustainable in 2022… and even give back while you’re at it.

  1. Reuse your Crockery and Glassware as Much as Possible

Reusing your crockery and glassware is a really simple way to reduce the amount of trash you create this holiday period. You can even ask your friends to bring their food in reusable tupperware, so they can take it home when the feast is finished. 

Taking home leftovers is a great way to ensure that nothing is wasted from your Thanksgiving feast. Also, if you’re making any mixed drinks - such as fruit punch or cocktails - ask your guests to bring along reusable bottles, so that no drinks are wasted either.

  1. Make Food from Scratch

Making food from scratch is another way to minimise your environmental impact. If it’s possible, avoid single-use plastic packaging, as 83% of greenhouse gas emissions from food come from its production. 

This tip might mean that your cooking takes a little longer, but luckily you’ll probably have the day off work, so you’ll have the time. Also, adding in some locally sourced or organic food to your menu can make a world of difference. Organic produce is a much more eco-friendly alternative to normal brands.

  1. Check your Cupboards Before you Buy Anything New

It might sound like an obvious tip but it’s easily forgotten - check your cupboards before you start shopping for Thanksgiving. The chances are that some of the ingredients you need are hiding somewhere in your cupboards. Using what you’ve already got in the fridge or pantry will decrease your waste, and mean you won’t have to spend as much time grocery shopping either.

  1. Leave the Least Favorite Dishes OFF the Menu

Because we’re trying to create the least amount of waste from Thanksgiving while having the most amazing meal, why not just ditch the dishes that nobody seems to like? There’s no point having unpopular dishes on the menu that no one will eat! And, at the end of the meal, if there is any extra food left over, everyone will be looking to fill their tupperware with their favorite dishes.

  1. Swap Any Plastic Water Bottles with Canned Water

Need to quench your thirst during your Thanksgiving meal? Choose RightWater cans instead of plastic bottles to protect our planet from rampant plastic waste. Not only is canned water sustainable, every can of RightWater provides clean water to communities in need across the globe… it really puts the GIVING in Thanksgiving.

You can buy canned water via our website; we sell in packs of 24 x 12 fl oz. for just $36.00. Our still canned water is 100% locally sourced Californian spring water, made by nature right outside your backdoor. Our packaging is 100% free of single-use plastic, so we’re a true plastic-free alternative.

  1. Choose Recipes that will use Leftover Ingredients

As much as everyone loves a little Thanksgiving twist, try not to buy ingredients

that will be wasted if they’re not used in the Thanksgiving meal. Ideally, buy produce that you’ll be able to use to make something a few days later after the holidays have ended.

  1. Make Having a Sustainable Thanksgiving a Priority for Everyone

Finally, the last tip we can give you is to share the message about making Thanksgiving sustainable. As you’ll be seeing lots of family members and friends over the holidays, it’s the perfect time to express to all just how important it is to make sustainable choices. If all of us change our behaviour, we can make a huge difference.

When your sustainable Thanksgiving meal is all done and dusted, consider contributing

to drop4drop clean water projects this GivingTuesday, November 29th. GivingTuesday is a day where we are all encouraged to do good, and as little as $3 can bring water to someone who is currently living without access.