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6 Ways to Have a Sustainable Christmas Holiday Season

by Garrett Looney |

The festive season is one of the most wonderful times of the year. It’s a special time to spend with family and friends, enjoying the cheer and magic of the holidays together. But, while we enjoy, indulge and treat ourselves, Christmas is also a time for reflection. It’s an opportunity to pause. This year, it’s a great chance to reflect on our impact on the environment and the wider health of our planet.

If you’re looking to have a more eco-friendly, sustainable Christmas in 2022, then you’re in luck becuase we’ve written a list of six great ways you can make a difference. Keep reading to learn more about how you can support the planet and be greener this holiday season. 

Rent a Christmas Tree

Many of us like the idea of decorating a real Christmas tree, but this year, consider renting a tree. Instead of cutting down a tree every single year, you can rent a living, potted pine tree that can be replanted when the festive season is all over. Doing this will reduce your Christmas waste, and your Christmas tree will live to see another year too. 

Don’t Overbuy

It’s really common to overspend and overbuy at Christmas. After all, we all love giving gifts to loved ones. But, in 2022, instead of thoughtlessly buying gifts, ask all of your family members and friends exactly what they need. 

This will ensure that whatever you buy for them will actually be used rather than discarded. You can even team up with a few family members or friends to buy a more expensive item together; this is a brilliant way to solve the issue of overbuying on Christmas presents.

Reconsider Your Decorations

What’s the festive season without a house covered in bright festive lights? Now, there’s no question that they do look amazing, but we also need to consider just how much energy these decorations are using - especially if they’re not on a timer. 

If you’ve got lots of Christmas lights up at home, you can save energy by switching to LED lights. This is a much more environmentally friendly option, and if you want to go one step further, try to keep your lights on for a shorter amount of time - for example, just in the late evening.

Throw on Your Coziest Outfit

Christmas time can be particularly cold, with temperatures dropping all across the country. But instead of immediately turning your thermostat all the way up, throw on your coziest pair of pajamas and woolly socks instead. 

This saves energy and is far more sustainable. For every 1 degree that you turn your thermostat down, you are reducing the carbon emissions that cause climate change and negatively impact our planet in the long-term.

Ditch Unrecyclable Materials

From gift giving and decorations to the Christmas meal, there are so many ways you can ditch single-use or unrecyclable materials this festive season. For example, when choosing wrapping paper and card, avoid anything with glitter or foil because this cannot be recycled.

While preparing your Christmas meal, replace any plastic bottles with canned drinks like RightWater. Everyone needs to hydrate, and the best way to hydrate this festive season is by drinking our infinitely recyclable canned water, which is 100% locally sourced Californian spring water. 

It’s made by nature right outside your backdoor, and all our packaging is 100% free of single-use plastic, so it’s a fantastic plastic free option. Visit the RightWater online store to buy canned spring water in packs of 24 x 12 fl oz. for only $36.00.

Think About Contributing to a Good Cause

The holiday season is a time of giving, so this year, consider giving to a cause you are passionate about. Consider contributing to our partner charity, drop4drop, which provides clean water solutions to communities that need it most across the globe. 

Access to clean water can transform lives, create opportunities and build the foundations for a brighter, more optimistic future. You can make a difference by donating just $3 to drop4drop today.