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Why You Should Choose Our Canned Water Brand

by Garrett Looney |

Canned water isn’t something that you see very often. Water is generally bottled, and comes packaged in a plastic bottle. However, plastic bottles create a huge amount of waste and they are extremely bad for the environment, plastic pollution is choking our planet. Having water in a can, on the other hand, is a much more sustainable and eco-friendly option. With growing awareness of the dangers of plastic waste, now is the right time to start drinking canned water and protect the environment.

Below, our team at RightWater has listed a number of reasons why you should drink our canned still water. Take a read to find out more, and if you would like to view details of our canned water or make a purchase - please visit our website today.

Supports the Environment

Every single one of us is aware of the rapidly-growing environmental challenges that our planet is currently facing. Simply put, we only have one planet, and it’s a fact that the drinks industry is a huge polluter - one of the world's largest polluters in fact. However, when you buy our canned water, you will be supporting the environment and reducing the negative impact on nature.

This is because our spring water is a zero-plastic product. Our product is infinitely recyclable and BPA free, and we use local springs and facilities that are plastic-free too. We are 100% committed to preserving the environment and eliminating plastic waste from the drinks industry. 

We Provide Help in the Clean Water Crisis

At RightWater, we aim to improve access to clean water all over the world. We believe that we have an opportunity to help the Clean Water Crisis, and so, as a social enterprise - profits from our sales go straight to drop4drop. This is a sister charity that ensures communities in need across the globe have access to clean water. 

Every single time that you buy our canned water, you will be helping campaigns that bring clean, drinkable water to international communities. Our charity partner drop4drop has brought clean water to around 2 million people worldwide.

Searching For Canned Water Brands?

If you would like to buy canned still water, then RightWater is the number one brand to buy. Our canned spring water is 100% locally sourced in California, created by nature and providing essential minerals and alkalinity without any additives. The cans are made from 70% recycled aluminum, and our products are BPA free too. All of our packaging is 100% free from single-use plastic - we don’t use any plastic at all, from our boxes and tape down to our biodegradable pallet wrap. Our process from start to finish is ethical and sustainable.

You can purchase our RightWater Cans in boxes of 24 x 12 fl oz. Priced at just $36.00, our environmentally-friendly canned water is an affordable choice. We offer both one-time purchase options, and subscription options too. If you join our community, you can get a free case of our water; our subscription options include weekly, biweekly and every 4 weeks. We provide Standard delivery options - with free delivery in California - and delivery times of 3-5 working days.

Have any questions? Then feel free to contact the RightWater team today. You can reach us by email at; we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can drop us a message via the online form on our website. In the meantime, to learn more about our canned water, visit the RightWater website today.