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Water Hacks to Help You Drink More Water

by Garrett Looney |

As the temperature continues to rise and the days of hot weather get closer, it’s becoming more and more important to prioritize hydration. This means drinking enough water to stay healthy and refreshed. 

Surprisingly, the average American consumes only half of the recommended amount of water, with most individuals drinking just five glasses a day. Guidelines recommend men above the age of 19 should drink 13 cups of water a day, while women 19 or older are suggested to drink 9 cups of water a day.

Proper hydration is vital for well-being. Below, we’ve written a helpful post that looks at why drinking water is so important and explores some of the best hacks for staying hydrated every day.

Why is Drinking Enough Water Important?

Drinking enough water is crucial for numerous aspects of our health. Water plays a fundamental role in regulating our body temperature, ensuring that we stay within a normal range and avoid overheating. 

Additionally, it acts as a protective cushion for delicate organs such as the spinal cord, reducing the risk of injury. Water also aids in flushing out toxins from our system, promoting optimal organ function and supporting the detoxification process. 

Moreover, staying properly hydrated boosts our energy levels, allowing us to stay focused, productive, and mentally sharp throughout the day.

Hacks to Boost Your Water Intake

  1. Add to Your Morning and Evening Routine 

Start and end your day on a hydrated note by making it a habit to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up and another before you go to bed. This simple addition ensures that you begin and conclude each day with a healthy dose of hydration, setting a positive tone and providing a jumpstart for your body's water needs.

  1. Set a Water Consumption Goal

Motivate yourself to drink more water by setting a specific goal for the number of cups or cans you aim to consume each day. This goal can be tailored to your individual needs and preferences. By having a target, you will be more likely to consciously prioritize hydration and ensure you reach your desired water intake level.

  1. Invest in a Reusable or Fun Straw

Sometimes, the simplest changes can make drinking water more enjoyable. Consider investing in a reusable or fun straw to add an element of novelty to your hydration routine. Sipping water through a straw can make it feel more refreshing and exciting, encouraging you to drink more throughout the day. Additionally, using a reusable straw contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing plastic waste.

  1. Infuse with Squash or Fruit

If plain water feels monotonous, infuse it with a burst of flavor by adding a dash of squash or slices of fresh fruit. Experiment with various combinations such as lemon and mint, cucumber and basil, or strawberry and lime. These natural infusions not only make your water more interesting but also provide added vitamins and minerals.

  1. Have a Hydration Buddy

Accountability can work wonders when it comes to establishing healthy habits. Partner up with a friend or family member and challenge each other to drink a certain amount of water each day. Check in with each other regularly, providing support and motivation. 

This friendly competition adds an element of fun and keeps you on track with your hydration goals. Plus, having someone to share the journey with makes the process more enjoyable too.

  1. Get a Fun, Reusable Water Bottle

Investing in a fun, reusable water bottle not only adds a touch of personality but also serves as a constant reminder to drink more water. Choose a bottle that reflects your style and preferences, whether it's a vibrant color, a sleek design, or a motivational quote. Having a visually appealing and convenient water bottle within reach throughout the day will make it easier to stay hydrated and encourage you to sip more frequently.

  1. Bring a Portable Water Can Everywhere You Go

When you're on the go, carrying a light and easily transportable can of water can be a game-changer. Look for options that are designed for convenience, with a secure lid and a size that fits comfortably in your bag or pocket. 

This way, you'll have access to hydration wherever you are, whether you're running errands, at the gym, or enjoying outdoor activities. The portability factor removes any barriers to staying hydrated and ensures you can quench your thirst anytime, anywhere.

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